Nitescapes Of Knoxville

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Knoxville, TN

   Nitescapes provides Landscape Lighting to Knoxville, TN and surrounding counties.  By using quality products from Vista Outdoor Lighting , Cast Lighting, Kichler Landscape Lighting and Alliance outdoor lighting, we design and install custom Landscape lighting systems that will enhance your home's appeal and value.  We are commited to serving each client's specific needs by creating a unique, safe environment at your home and by providing personal service throughout the lighting experience. 

Contact John today at 865.385.5898 to schedule a Nite Showing at your home with a free design counsultation or e-mail a daytime picture of your home to and we will send you a free Nite Image of what your home would look like after our installation. "Let us transform your landscape by day into a Nitescape by evening!" 

Update your current system today, we can make it energy efficient and reliable by installing retro fit LED lamps (replacing halogen or incandescent) into your existing fixtures or by adding LED component fixtures.  We can also fully automate your system giving you complete control with your iphone or wireless device.


             Landscape Lighting has many benefits...

  •   Increase the value and appeal of your property
  •   Create an inviting, safe entrance to your home
  •   Add comfort and security to your home and its surroundings
  •   Enjoy your outdoor space by making it more usable and safe
  •   Bring life to your landscaping and enjoy it into the evening hours 
  •   Highlight special features and focal points throughout your property or landscape